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Memento Mori | Memento Vivere’s Exhibition’s Opening Reception

Memento Mori/Memento Vivere investigates the false dichotomy of the empirical world around us and the personal world within us. The experience of life and the unknowableness of death. It presents observations of our inner ontologies and the milieu in which we are situated. The images depicted in this exhibit symbolically juxtapose beginnings and endings and mirror our shared highs and lows. This figurative mirroring reflects the impermanence of life, the impermanence of death, and the inevitability of the two occurring simultaneously in seemingly paradoxical ways. The observance of life and death continuously weaving and unravelling in our lives depicts a communion that brings forth solace. The likeness of the empirical world and our inseparable being within it propels us to explore how to respond to our own sense of fragility, invincibility, and resilience. The works shared within this exhibition constitute a deliberate slowing down to witness the beauty of the divine through being. Bringing together these works, and reflecting on them, Memento Mori/Memento Vivere brings about a stillness and a potential tranquility in our lives.

Exhibiting Artists: Gregory Dirr + Katya Neptune


Deep Poetry + Havi + Ian Santos + Jane Ellen Glasser + Laura Mackie + Neysa King+ Sandy Ziya + Sarah Franklin + Stephen Freeman + Sylvia Trein + Yami Lima

Past Events

Push for Good x ArtHeart: NoComply

Exhibit Closing: 3/28/2020 from 5-11PM


Push 4 Good & ArtHeart are teaming up with local, national and international artists for a cause. Join us Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6-9pm to see the No Comply Exhibit: Celebrating the Art Inspired by Skateboarding & it’s Culture.
N o C o m p l y will continue the tradition by showcasing both emerging and established artists. The exhibit will feature a varied styles of works al inspired by the culture of skateboarding. Curated by Push 4 Good & ArtHeart’s Katya Neptune. The partnership between ArtHeart and Push for Good exists to allow artist to give back through their gifts.
A percentage of sales will be split between 4 causes that are close to our heart:
  1. 1. Zoe Empowers empowers orphans and vulnerable children to move beyond charity. ArtHeart has vowed to sponsor 100 orphans in Rwanda through it’s local exhibits. Find out more at 
  2. https://zoeempowers.org2. Skate Free FL exists to build community through empowering the youth to skate and have fun. They are working to build public skate facilities and programs that directly serve youth in our community. Find out more at 
  3. http://www.skatefree.org3. Sheckler Foundation exists to educate, equip and empower our community to “Be the Change” in the lives of children and injured action sports athletes. Find out more at 
  4. http://www.shecklerfoudation.org4. Push for Good will use a percentage of sales to give local at-risk youth an opportunity to attend skate camp this summer with http://www.islandwatersports.com or STEAM classes through http://www.surfskatescience.com
JOIN US as these artists, musicians, skateboarders and our local community merge to share their talents for a meaningful cause.

ADMISSION: $5 suggested donation.
(FREE Admission for Kids under 11)


Ray Barbee @r.barbee + Zakriya Rabani @flow_zak + Michael Tiley @tilleyyellit +
Alex Yurrita @alejandroyurrita + Zion Frallicciardi @zionf + Blair Hess @curbela + Steve Caballero @stevecaballero + Simon Skipper @officialskippz + Derek Michael Brennan @derekmichaelbrennan + Jamie Meagher @petalandbone + Anthony Cardenas @moderncholo + Megaton Joe @Megaton.co + Lance Mountain @lancemountain + Gregory Dirr @GregoryDirr + Kevin Carmody @kevincarmodyart + Mike A. Cohen @zoojerz + Robbie Arias @exteenager + Alek Dillon + Benny Guerra @bro0000ski + Dillon Collins @dillon_collins + Chris Miller @digimil + Corinne Séguin @corinneseguinart + Cory Scroggins @corythecreative + Ole Skedsmo @rivingtonludlow + Drew Fenton @drewble_art + Alex Rodriguz @1aguacero + Blake Burns @blakeburnsart + Blair Alley @blair.alley + Ron Allen @ronallensk8 + More to be announced



Pompano Citi Centre
Push for Good
Art Heart
New Belgium
Dangerous Minds
School of Rock
Jerry’s Artarama
Grind Coffee project
Prolab Printing
IWS Skate
Island Camps
Surf Skate Science
BC Surf & Sport
Shut NY
We Can Fly
Liquid Death Mountain Water
Sheckler Foundation
Skate Free FL
Zoe Empowers
Coffin Krew
The Hangry Project
The Good Push
Hangry Project
Mad Skate
OM One Link
Double Time Digital


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