Current Charity We Support

ZOE Helps

There are 50 million orphans in Africa. Every minute that passes, 4 more orphans are added to that staggering figure. When a child is orphaned in Africa, the bulk of the parenting falls to older  unprepared siblings and the elderly, shoving the orphans into a seemingly never-ending cycle of poverty and famine. Zoe Helps strives to end this cycle by empowering the orphans.

Zoe Helps has developed a 3 year empowerment program for the orphans that focuses on 44 pillars:

  • Be Securehelp them learn their rights, keep them away from abusive situations, and teach them how to provide their own food through farming
  • Be Healthyinstruct them on proper hygiene (boil water, wash hands, etc), how to eat a balanced diet, how to prevent HIV/AIDS, how to inform the community about the causes and prevention of diseases
  • Be Connected – show them how to work together in new working groups, group the orphans together to form a ‘new’ family, encourage them to be part of various communities
  • Be Prepared – get the orphans ready for life after the empowerment program

After the program, the orphans are able to be thrive in their communities, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Past Charities ArtHeart Has Supported

World Vision/ Tsunami ReliefOperating in over 100 countries, World Vision helps children, family, and communities reach their full potential.

His House Children’s HomeThe non-profit provides housing for abused and drug-exposed children in a supportive environment.

NotFashionableAn organization created by local Ryan Alexander to help spread awareness of child hunger through minimal t-shirts

Hand of HopeAn organization with the goal of minimizing worldwide suffering

My Broken PalaceA non-profit focused on helping people suffering from depression, anxiety, and lonliness